Kohtunik / Judge: Timothy Finney, Iirimaa

Hirvekoer / Deerhound

Isased avaklass / Dogs, open class

1.     Black Jade’s Artie FIN 42484/07 sünd.05.07.2007 ID 246098100216616 i. Baylind Hunscot, e. Swordgrowe Scota kasv. A-M. Räsänen, Finland om. Janne & Allan Kukk, Eesti
For al road ups standing go, noce over proportions, good length, good head, eye too round, good reach of neck, well angulated shoulder, nice arch over loing, find boude, moves soundly, little close behind, boer coat.

Iiri hundikoer (Irish Wolfhound)

Emased beebikutsikad / Bitches, baby puppy class

2.     Gogamagog Jaunie  FIN 22727/11 sünd 19.2.2011 ID 978101080714410 i. FIN CH Gogamagog’s Dermot e. Gogamagog’s Feccna kasv. Leena & Jari Hietala, Finland om. Hille Ring, Eesti
Nice quality puppy, good length of back, excellent head and with good placed eye, good reach of neck, good shoulder, nice arch, prefer more spring of ribs, balanced thigh, nice step for the hock, moves very well, ...
1 Promotion Prize, BOB baby puppy 1 EAH TPB

Emased  kutsikaklass / Bitches, puppy class

3.     Dorothy Di Castello Berge IW14117 sünd 20.1.2011 ID 276096909052594 i. BE CH Embassador of First Avenue e. DE CH Arielle di Castello Berge kasv. Dr. Johann & Elke Stein, Germany om. Sari Hottola, Finland
6 months old, dark grey, built on javy long lines, averagly balanced construction, excellent head and expression, good teeth, nicely builded front with elbows well under, nice length of back,nice arch over back and tailset, movement very sound using very much hindquarters.
2 Promotion prize 2 EAH

4.     Oscailte Cara Cinnie FI 17552/11 sünd 17.1.2011 ID 985170000983015 i. Rysheron’s Frankie D At Sapwoods e. JW09 NordJW09 Nordw09 Gaynor Roan Inish kasv & om. Sari Hottola, Finland
6 months dark grey brindle, very balanced, long outline, super head, good long, forefeet lunch set, nicely folded ears, balanced reach of neck, going with good forehand, well placed arch over loin and croup, strong well angulated hindquarters, excellent scopey mover, ....
1 Promotion Prize, BOB puppy 1 EAH TPK

5.     Wolfhouse Wild At Heart DK20157/2010 sünd 9.11.2010 ID 208213990122924 i. Wolfhouse Toscanini e. Wolfhouse Urban Symphony kasv. Pernille Monberg, Denmark om. Larisa Blazevica, Latvia
8 months old red brindle – built on l long lines, good head and teeth, well placed ears. Rather upright in shoulder, little slack in topline. Medium angulation in hindquarters. Good... moved path and short paced + high behind. At a rather swkward stage.
3 Promotion Prize 3 EAH

Isased juuniorklass / Dogs, junior class

6.     Escape to Oscailte Really Irish FI57780/10 sünd. 23.5.2010 ID 978000001223051 i. PL CH Knallasen’s Couperin e. CZ CH Ceridwen Really Irish kasv. Edita Beresova, Czech Republic om. Sari Hottola & Antti Vuorivirta, Finland
14 months red brindle, pleasing deep outline, overall very balanced. A bit heaby in scull, teeth little small. Strong neck into nicely angulated front, elbows well back. Well Well built back, very nicely angulated hing quarters, well muscled second thigh, excellent tailset, free moving, very sound.

Emased juuniorklass / Bitches, junior class

7.     Miliy Zver Susanna EST-01854/11 sünd. 01.07.2010 i. CIB Glor Na Gael Ivanhoe e. CIB Athcarne Ciara kasv. Svetlana Lemjaskina, Russia om. Kristin Kerem & Reet Noormaa, Eesti
1 year old rather plain bitch, Small head, nice reach of neck into medium angulated front, lacks bone, rather long loin, good angulation to hind quarters, balanced loines with low hock, moved well behind, loose in pastern:
VG1  VH1

Isased avaklass / Dogs, open class

8.     Carel Wolf Rasmus EST J CH EST CH EST 02788/06 sünd. 22.5.2006 ID 985120029364640 i. Greirish Night Rider SW05, NORDIC & S & N & FIN CH e. Carel Wolf Kati INT & FIN & EST CH, BALTW03-04 kasv. Leena & Pekka Hämäläinen, Finland om. Joanna Adler, Eesti
5 years old grey brindle, overall well proportioned, good length of leg, Too deep in stop and a week + short foreface, Averagly dev. In shoulder, good length of upper arm, rahter long in loin, short croup, .... in pastern, moves poorly behind. Excellent coat.

9.     Dwarf’s Vallet Night Blues LV 22252/09 LV-IV-920/09 sünd. 20.07.2009 ID 428098100008181 i. Pitlochry’s Zardos e. Dwarf’s Valley Leila kasv. Larisa Blazevica, Latvia om. J. Dorosenko, Latvia
Not shown ei osalenud

10.   Osumare Fergus Oscar EST  & BLR J CH EST 02768/03 sünd. 07.08.2003 i. Mucha Moor’s A Benito e. Fernmark Faolan kasv. Kersti Saar, Eesti om. Kristin Kerem, Eesti
Almost 8 years old red wheaten, excellent overall construction, balanced angulation front andb ehind, fair head, nice length of neck with averagly angulated shoulder. ..... + nicely arched, well angulated and muscled hind quarters, low howcks. For the type he is too short on leg. Moves very well, like a young dog, good extention.

11.   Ringhill's Aonach Mor  EST00384/09 ID 38L4 sünd.08.12.2008 i. Kellyhide Ambrosius e. Vejgari Honey kasv. Hille Ring, Estonia om. Tiit Siimon & Kerttu Märtin, Eesti
31 months grey brindle, mp standing dog on nice leg length. Fair head+ light eye, high set folding ears, good neck into medium-angulated shoulder. Good length of upper arm, nuckling + upright in pastern. Good length of body, well build back. Well shaped hind quarters, but lightly musculed – moved fairly, soundly with much drive.

Isased tsempioniklass / Dogs, champion class

12.   De Majodian Prototype FI CH FIN 34644/08 sünd 9.3.2008 ID 246098100250149 i. FI CH NordW09 Ursus von der Oelmühle e. De Majodian Madam Butterfly kasv. Mark Pascale, Finland om. Maria-Susanna Nampajärvi & Mark Pascale, Finland
3 year old, nice size, typical outline, well balanced, nice ratio high to length, Nice set of curves. Poor head, week underjaw + rather narrow (not acceptable). Very nice angulation fore, excellent topline with arched over good croup – well muscled. Moves very well using hocks well under between elbows+ hocks coming and going.
EX1, C1, BD1, BOB SP1 S1 PI1 TP

13.   Greirish Toss Out EST & LV & LT & BLR CH BALT CH, EST & LV J CH, ESTJW06, ESTW06 EST02439/05 sünd. 04.05.05 ID 977200005371716 i. Wolftone Alexander Lukas, e. Ala Memoria Di Philippo's Aphrodite kasv. Per Lundström, Sweden, om Merle Reeds, Estonia
6 years old grey brindle, rather lightly built, nice length of good head, ears well placed and folded. Steep in shoulder + upper arm, long in topline, but good arch. Well angulated .... hindquarters. Moves OK without too much driver. Overall quite nice type.
EX2 S3 BD4 SP2 S3 PI4

Emased noorteklass / Bitches, intermediate class

14.   Oscailte Aon Orla EST J CH FIN 48183/09 sünd 13.08.2009 ID 972270000002256 i. FI & EE& RU CH FINJW07 Sall'BNazz Tor e. Sapwood's Amusing Autumn kasv. & om. Sari Hottola, Finland
not shown ei osalenud

Emased avaklass / Bitches, open class

15.   Funnywolf Amelie FIN 09022/08 sünd. 7.2.2008 ID 246098100231915 i. FIN CH Carel Wolf Leo e.JW05 Jaslane’s Frederica  kasv. Pia Ruotsalinen, Finland om. Veera Marjamaa, Eesti
3 years old grey brindle, nice overall proportions, length to height. Nice head and expression, lower jaw too narrow with both canines entering the gum. Needs more spring of rib, Feet too flat. Nice smooth shapely topline, A little straight behind + moving closely.

16.   Greirish Vigorish S31205/2007 sünd. 09.05.2007 ID 96800000322493 värv: brindle i. Greirish Urbane, e. Scoops Heather SUCH kasv. P. Lundström, Sweden,om. Anu Grossmann
Free moving girl 3 years old,, good head and excellent fair bone. Good depth and spring of rib. Nice topline with smooth arch over loint. Medium angulation behind. Would like more loose, nice heredity type, moved freely.

17.   Gutgebaut Tarces Princess FI40161/09 sünd. 17.3.2009 ID 9851221014555284 i. FI CH JW 09, W08 Merian Nelson e. Osumare Bit O Scot kasv. Taina & Kari Lindström, Finland om. Kaija Linturi, Finland
2 years old substanced bitch strongly made. Well proportioned with length, good head and expression, wuite well angulated in front. Good spring of rib, well carried back. Broad strong loin, muscular hindquarters. Moved well .....
EX3 S3 BB3 SP3 S3 PE3

18.   Ringhill's Amazing Grace EST00385/09  sünd. 08.12.2008 ID 233098100020550  i. Kellyhide Ambrosius DK S N INT CH NORDW06 DKKCLUBW07 e. Vejgari Honey EST LV LT  BALT J CH EST V CH LV CH ESTJW07 kasv. Hille Ring om. Silver Salumets, Pärnumaa Estonia
2,5 years old, balanced build, nice head with long strong muzzle with excellent big teeth. Nicely angulated front. Would more cappacious ribcage, but fine in loin. Excellent hard muscle behind. A little upright in pastern. Moves frreely with good extention, keeping shape.

19.   Ringhill's Avalon Mists EST 00382/09 EST00382/09 ID 38L2 sünd.08.12.2008 i. Kellyhide Ambrosius e. Vejgari Honey kasv. Hille Ring, Estonia  om. Hille Ring
Nive grey brindle. Good typical shape, enough substance. Would like more condition. Nice head and neck. A bit steep in upper arm. Excellent loin and croup, good length hip to hock. Moves averagely collected with drive.
EX2 S2 BB2 SP2 S2 PE2

20.   Ringhill's Blackness EST 02741/09 ID 274L1 sünd.14.06.2009 i. Traum vom Welzerberg e. Vejgari Honey kasv. Hille Ring, Estonia om. Sirje Paluoja & Hille Ring, Eesti
2 years old dark grey. Nice handy balanced with a lot of quality. Good overall proportions. Good big teeth. Nice head. Balanced reach of neck into j... shoulder. Well placed arch to loin. Shapely hindquarters, angulated and muscular. Movement with drive and extention, a little ...

Emased tööklass /Bitches, working class

21.   Sapwood’s Amusing Autumn LTW11 FIN 19766/07 sünd. 27.2.2007 ID 985120031958438 i. SE CH Fay Farton At Gruagach e. FI Ch Irishanne Sagittarius kasv. Marika Mahlapuu, Finland om. Sari Hottola, Finland
4 years old grey brindle, sound excellent, nice overall proportions. Good head shape, eye too round. Medium angulated foe. Nice substance. Broad loin well arched. Muscular balanced hindquarters, moves soundly.

Emased tsempioniklass / Bitches, champion class

22.   Gutgebaut Queen Tarces FI & EE CH FIN 44275/07 sünd. 17.7.2007 ID 985120029361351 i. Gutgebautt Tarces Surprise e. Osumare Bit O Scot kasv. Taina & Kari Lindström, Finland om. Kaija Linturi, Finland
5 years old pall whaten. Nice length of leg, plenty of substance. Fairly short neck. Medium angulated fore-hind. Firm loin. Nice length of corp with good tailset. Deep well sprung body. Moved OK

23.   Iath N'Annan Festina EST03436/07 sünd. 10.03.2007 ID 978000000884410 värv: brindle red  i. Pitlochry’s Vincent e. PL& LT&LV CH Ula Iz Volshebnogo Lesa kasv. Hanna Wozna-Gil, Poland,  om. Hille Ring, Eesti
4 years old grey brindle, Lovely type, super head and expression. Nice  length of leg. Good depth of body. Medium angulated fore and hind. Good over loin and croup. Balanced hindquarters, moves freely and sound.
EX1 S4 BB4 SP1 S4 PE4

24.   Waverine's Bright Eyes, ESTCH EST02444/07 sünd. 20.04.2007 ID 208224000178804 i. DK CH Wolfhouse Schubert e. DK CH Knallasen Lucretia kasv. B. Vandel, Denmark, om. Kristin Kerem, Harjumaa, Estonia
not shown ei osalenud